myMDAnderson for Physicians – Expanding Access and Improving Communication

The M. D. Anderson Cancer Center’s physician web portal, myMDAnderson for Physicians, ( has been providing improved access to patient information and streamlined communication to non-M. D. Anderson physicians since 2005. While the site has been a major step forward, access to the complete medical records for a patient has been lacking. To complete the continuum of patient care and strengthen the relationship between M. D. Anderson and their community physician partners, M. D. Anderson will soon unveil an improved version of myMDAnderson; providing access to nearly the entire patient medical record.

Physician portals range in scope and effectiveness; form “post card” sites to those who exchange medical information. I’ve seen examples of physician referral request systems that amount to little more than providing the ability for users to suggest when their patients may want an appointment. While this is certainly an improvement from phone-based systems, it still leaves a lot to be desired. myMDAnderson for Physicians has set the standard for physician portals and this new level of access will continue to raise the bar.

If you are a licensed, practicing physician and have patients being treated or want to refer a patient to M. D. Anderson, go to myMDAnderson for Physicians and register today.

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