HIMSS09 Day 1 Reflections and Day 2 Expectations

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After a night’s sleep and a couple of cups of coffee, I’m thinking back to yesterday’s opening day of HIMSS09 and some themes have come to mind.

First, due to the economic conditions, I expected to see a lot of empty chairs and downsized vendor booths at HIMSS this year and was delightfully surprised. I guess the billions of dollars for HIT in the economic recovery act are keeping the HIT industry moving forward.  Regardless, HIMSS is a much better conference when there are jammed sessions.

The second observation involves the utilization of communities and leveraging of Web 2.0 tools in augmenting and improving the experience at HIMSS this year. Many of us have been tweeting at conferences for a while, but now it is being embraced by the event and the impact is significant. Through the use of Twitter and blogs, we get not only a record of events, but the subtle nuisances found through the interpretation of the messages and how they impacted the individual writing the post or tweet. Yesterday’s Meet the Bloggers session was a lot of fun and I personally enjoyed meeting the other bloggers and the great discussion we had in the room. I only wish we had more time and a bigger room…

As for day 2, I expect to see a continuation of day 1. The George Halvorson keynote should be a highlight of the day and I’m also looking forward to the official Tweet up at 5:30 today. There is nothing better than actually meeting your virtual community fact-to-face. As much as we should embrace technology, we will always still need that personal interaction.

What are your thoughts about HIMSS09?

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