Why Can’t Healthcare Be Like Ordering a Pizza?

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2 Responses to Why Can’t Healthcare Be Like Ordering a Pizza?

  1. Great vision for simplifying healthcare delivery. Service Oriented Architecture and the new NHIN 2.0 adapter/bus may help create your vision. Check out my new blog at http://www.ehealthdesigns.com for updates on these topics.

  2. RIchard says:

    I wonder, did you have to pay for that pizza with real money or at least a credit card when it was delivered. Perhaps your pizza-care card only pays for cheese pizza and you had to have mushroom. Maybe you called the wrong pizza establishment and the pizza guy got 60% of his crust and cheese cost. Lets see, you forgot your wallet but I can bill you for the rest over the next 12 months interest free. How about, you send the pizza payor an itemized bill but forget that those anchovies required an AV-1 code rather than the AN-2 code sent them. How about the federal pizza administration every year threatens to cut your pizza payments by 5%, 7.5% or perhaps 20% because they just don’t know how to pay for pizza. How about they might give you some cash if you put in PIT (pizza information technology) but don’t explain how to get the money before you spend it. Sheesh…. I wonder why healthcare can’t be like ordering a pizza.

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