HIMSS09 Day 2 Reflections and Day 3 Expectations

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Monday was another packed day at HIMSS09. I’m starting to see some real themes developing at HIMSS this year:

  • ROI
  • Interoperability
  • Frustration
  • Person to Person Connectivity

First, ROI. As a sign of the economic times and a maturing of the HIT industry, many are asking, “How is this making money?” or “How is this saving money?” The good news is, I’ve seen many examples of significant efforts that are doing both, saving time and making money. The Conifer Kiosk project I discussed in yesterday’s wrap up springs to mind. Their conservative estimates point to $5 million in real savings just in reducing printing costs.

Interoperability. There is a growing sense of urgency in the realization that we are all working on HIT initiatives, but they all don’t talk to each other and the simply MUST speak the same language. I can send a text message to any cell phone carrier and it works. Why not healthcare?

Frustration. See above.

Connectivity. The primary role in a conference like HIMSS is to connect individuals who share common issues or can help each other find solutions. This year, HIMSS has an increased focus on social networking and the connections being made in that space have been outstanding. The best part of being here is the realization that we have a massive peer group.

On to today. I have and evening flight back home today and will only be able to attend three sessions. On my list today is learning about MUSC’s effort in connecting rural hospitals with academic medical centers, finding the answer to the question, “Who should really be driving the project management bus?”, and then IT strategy re-engineered. I also hope to spend a little more time with the vendors.

What are your thought through this point in the conference? Drop a comment here and share your reflections or expectations.

Here’s to HIMSS09 day 3!

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